The No.1 Water Tap & Faucet Supplier in Malaysia

Are you looking for water taps for your interior design or property development project in Malaysia? If so, then there’s a good chance you will like the vast choices of water taps we offer at our company.

Many of our water taps in Malaysia are manufactured by worldwide brands preferred by many interior designers and property developers. These water faucets can be used for bathrooms and kitchens alike.

Our products are also sold in bulk so that it’s affordable for you to build your property with no trouble quickly. We want to help you carry out your project efficiently by providing you with the best quality products.

We distribute brands Cabana, Doe, Ezyflik, Orin, Pakai, Reign, Savona, Sericite and Sorento. These are globally trusted brands and have been used by property developers worldwide to build beautiful and unique residential properties for their clients.

The products developed by these brands are made from good quality stainless steel and other materials to ensure that they are long and durable so that you can sell off the property in good shape to your clients. 

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If you are interested in getting the best water faucets in the country, then continue browsing for all our products available. Or you can contact our team today to enquire more about our products. We are a long-established water faucet supplier, and our crew is highly trained to help you meet your business needs accordingly.