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We are a timber door supplier that distributes good quality wood and timber doors to interior designers and property developers across Malaysia. So, if you are looking to develop a property, we are certain you will like the timber doors that we offer. 

As a best wood and timber door supplier,  we offer a wide variety of timber doors that are designed and moulded in different patterns.  We ensure our clients  manage to develop a homely, unique and eye-catching property to their potential buyers.

For example, our wide variety of timber doors includes hardboard flush doors, moulded panel doors, solid timber decorative doors, veneer doors, super vinyl and melamine doors and many more. 

Being a timber door supplier in KL and Malaysia, we understand that having a variety of product selections is key when planning the best suit needs of a project. 

Hence, we provide a one-stop solution to our clients to buy various products, including timber doors and many more architectural products from us.  

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So, if you are interested in any of our wood or timber door products, you can contact us today to enquire more. As an established wood door supplier in the country, we are certain that our team can recommend you with the best timber door products you can use for your project.