The Best Ironmongeries Supplier & Door Handle Shop in Malaysia

If you are an interior designer, architect or property developer looking for a reliable ironmongeries supplier in Malaysia, then we are certain that you will like our products. Here’s why.

At OTM Group, we distribute only the best ironmongeries and door handles in Malaysia because we want to help grow your interior design company or architect firm to become widely known in Malaysia as a brand that provides top-notch property development services for residential homes, apartments and condominiums. 

Many of our products come from well known and trusted brands across Malaysia such as Dori, Dormakaba, Gere, Jenberg, Keyline, Keyson and ST Guchi. You can get ironmongeries from these brands in bulk and even mix and match different products from different brands to develop your property.

As an established door handle shop in Malaysia, we distribute a wide range of door locks such as digital locks, regular door handles with keyholes and many more. We have inspected all these products carefully to ensure they are safe and reliable to prevent intruders from breaking in. We do not settle for low quality; we push for higher quality, so that you will get only the best from us. 

Contact A Door Handle Shop in Malaysia

If you are interested in getting the best door handles in Malaysia, then you can contact our team today to enquire for more details about our ironmongeries and door knobs. Or you can continue browsing for all the door handles we have to offer here as an ironmongeries supplier in Malaysia.