Get The Best Quality Floor Tiles in Malaysia

At OTM Group, we have the most affordable floor tiles in Malaysia. All our floor tiles are suitable for you, especially if you are an architect, property developer or contractor. 

You can use our floor tiles for all your projects to build and develop beautiful houses, apartments, condominiums and other buildings. Our company only distributes good quality floor tiles made from durable and long lasting materials so that you can sell them to a potential buyer at the best value.

We also distribute our floor tiles in Malaysia in bulk so that you can buy them easily and conveniently without any hassle. As experienced distributors, we want to make things easier for you, so that you can get started on your building project without any delays or problems.

Best of all, our floor tiles in Malaysia come in many different colours and designs. That’s why we are certain that the aesthetics of our products can help you to build and design a home that looks cosy and comfortable for anyone to live in. 

Our Floor Tiles Prices in Malaysia

Many of our popular products are also produced by globally recognised brands such as Citigres, Feruni, Guocera, MML, Venus, Kimgres and more. For many years, property developers have been using their products to build beautiful homes and properties for individuals in Malaysia. Continue browsing below for the best floor tiles prices in Malaysia today.